Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pharmaceutical Democracy in India

Democracy in India

In 3 India Pharma Summit organised at Delhi  by FICCI ,WHO and dept of Pharmaceuticals ,Govt of India I was special invitee .29 November 2011 was the day.

It was pleasing that from one forum at the same time Mr Pakaj Patel ,  CMD ,Zydus Cadila from Industry and Mr Rajan Kohali from FICCI  was  critical to  Government on some policies.

Dr Nata Menabde ,WHO representative to India talked in different tone.She was emphasising every thing for poor down people of all countries specially to south east Asia ,Africa .She was in sarre ( Indian lady dress ) it was appreciated.

Minister Shri S K Jena, Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizers ,GoI under whom dept of Pharmaceuticals work. This dept was established in ministry in 2008, put all point of government brilliantly (believe it ) and discussed all points related to Price and production of medicines in India in relation of common man of country  .He argued to concern raised by industry and WHO without reading a paper in his hand. He did his home work excellently.

Ayurveda and Ayuvrvedic medicines got attention of every one when I raised question on basic  reasons of huge difference in global business of  Traditional Chinese medicines and Ayurvedic medicines.

China business is three times more now and it was projected that up to 2020 it will be five times in field of conventional medicines ( read Allopathy ) .But cost of medicines in China is seven times higher than India .

Yes my friends belongs to Ayurveda fraternity I learnt how to put your differences humbly without being red face. When Dr Anita Kotwani, Professor in Pharmacology at Chest Institute, Delhi  quoted result of her survey on price difference of same generic medicines it appears to be embarrassing for industry. But after her Mr  D G Saha,Member Secretary of Pharmaceutical committee of FICCI  argued precisely on every point of her from black marketing of medicines in 1978 to different areas of  till date. But question of difference in price ( some times  in multiplication of 20)   sustained there .

Both Joint Secretaries of Dept of Pharmaceticals ,Mr Devendra Chaudhary and Mr R Vondru was in command of subject and chaired one session each. Chairman of National  Pharmaceutical Price  Authority ,Mr Balachanran was in command in concluding session  and Ms Shanti, Add DGCI was there to help in affairs.

Except minister ( engaged in Parliament disputes )  every one was there from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm and recommendation was made with amicable consciousness among all parties.

We hope some thing better for Ayurvedic medicines too.

Recommendations to Planning Commission for AYUSH

Working Group recommends 12 times hike in allocation for Ayush during 12th Plan
Joseph Alexander, New Delhi
Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]
The Working Group on Ayush set up by the Planning Commission has recommended a 12-fold increase in the allocation for the Department under the next Five Year Plan. Against Rs.3988 crore of the 11th Plan, it has suggested Rs.47,535.55 crore, including transfer of Rs.10,000 crore from National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) flexipool for implementation.

The ongoing schemes of 11th Plan comprise of eleven Central Sector Schemes with allocation of
 Rs.2053 crore and three Centrally Sponsored Schemes with allocation of Rs.1935 crore. The total allocation amounted to Rs.3988 crore. The 38th Report of the Public Accounts Committee (2006-07) has seriously pointed out that the share of Ayush in the total health plan at the central level has been only 2 per cent in spite of the policy pronouncement of raising Ayush share to 10 per cent with designated growth of 5 per cent in every Five-Year Plan. Inadequate allocation for Ayush has been considered by PAC the main reason for not achieving the set targets, the working group said.

“Accordingly, the 12th Plan allocation for Central and Centrally Sponsored Schemes is proposed to be enhanced almost by 7 times and 17 times respectively, including the transfer of
 Rs.10000 crore from NRHM Flexipool. This has led to total projected allocation of Rs.47535.55 crore (about 12 time-hike from 11th Plan allocation) to pave for effective implementation of projects in strategic thrust areas identified above and to step up the process of mainstreaming of Ayush,” the report said.

Necessary updating and revision of the norms, without making any structural change or change in the funding pattern of the schemes, will be done to ensure that the objectives of the schemes are adequately met, project proposals in targeted thrust areas are properly funded and the outcomes happen to be of long term value for the Ayush sector, it said.

The ongoing six schemes under Central Sector Schemes are strengthening of Department of Ayush, statutory institutions, hospitals and dispensaries, strengthening of Pharmacopoeial Laboratories, IEC and Ayush & Public Health function under the head of “System Strengthening”. In the 12th Plan, a provision of
 Rs.1409 crore has been proposed against the 11th Plan outlay of Rs.282.75 crore.

A key component of the allocation is augmenting pharmacopoeia work to develop 1000 monographs and strengthening Pharmacopoeia Commission & associated laboratories to accelerate the work of standardization and quality parameters of ASU drugs as per global requirements and acceptability.

Another component is providing support to build up the initiative of safety monitoring of Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani drugs under the pharmacovigilance system, which was introduced in the country during the 11th Plan period, by designating one National Pharmacovigilance Resource Centre, 8 regional centres and 30 peripheral centres to develop the culture of reporting adverse drug reactions of ASU drugs (
Rs.15 crore).

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

WHO APW Project "Development of Consumer Guidelines for Appropriate use of Ayurvedic Medicines "

Dear All Ayurvedic friends

We are working on  WHO APW project Development of Consumer Guidelines for Appropriate use of Ayurvedic Medicines" which will be based on practicing opinion of you all  .To get the questions and participate in survey please click on link

We will be highly obliged to you for your  support in this project of national importance.

Please register your opinion up to 30 November ,2011. December 07 ,2011 is last date of submission of draft to WHO and 14 December,2011 is  assessment date of the draft at BHU by experts invited from all over country including representative of  WHO and dept of AYUSH,GOI .

With esteem regards,