Monday, 22 August 2011

Ayurveda and Anna

Dear All Ayurvedists

Anna has shown his strength to GOI ,world and most important is that he has been accepted by  common people of India. Reason of this wonderful success of Anna is his integrity ,honesty and dedication to the cause what he take up in his agenda at one time.

My most respected colleagues , can we draw some lessons from Anna and many more like him of past history of  our country.

Vd Shiva Sharma and Vd Anant Sharma initiated process of establishment of CCIM in 1965 and onward and succeded in 1970.

Vd Brihaspati Dev Triguna and his associates contributed in establishment of dept of AYUSH of GOI in 1993 and we are heading forward with the patronage of this dept.

Planning commission of India has constituted a sub committee for policies on Ayurvedic education of future apart from formation of national innovation council in chairman ship of Prof R H Singh.

Means we are moving for progress with all unsolved problems of past two three decades regarding propagation of Ayurveda nationally and internationally.

 But dear friends who may be our Anna to open our eyes on real causes of deterioration of status of  Ayurvedic studies and researches  in institution where 95 % ( almost every )  action/decision /nomination/assignments- academic and administrative are being done  just on the basis of caste line  and various kind of approaches which includes personal liking /disliking  (certainly not on basis of academic reasons ). This unilateralism has   ignored all academic merits of individuals  who are not of caste of holders of administrative post and don't have a strong political ,administrative approach  and not capable for  other transactions of different nature.

In other words ,we are not utilizing our full strength and loosing many momentous  opportunities in service of Ayurveda.

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