Friday, 26 August 2011

Invited member of the Sub-Committee of the Planning Commission Steering Committee for AYUSH

 I shall appreciate if any one comment substantially on undermentioned issue .

Anand Chaudhary  

Dear Dr Anand,
The AYUSH sector is rapidly changing and the newer challenges in the area of research, pharmacopoeial standards and industries need serious consideration. This needs quality inputs from experienced stakeholders, academicians, researchers, professionals and scholars like you.  You have been working in this area for a long time and your commitment to AYUSH sector is greatly appreciated.

I would like to request you to  contribute as invited member of the Sub-Committee of the Planning Commission Steering Committee for AYUSH. Please share your vision, views, suggestions, recommendations related to innovative schemes/programs to shape the 12th AYUSH Five Year Plan (FYP). The Planning Commission recommends that the sub-committee should work electronically. As you would agree, this is very important participatory exercise to ensure right priorities, budgets and budgets for efficient implementation of the Plan. I am attaching herewith the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the Sub-Committee as recommended by the Planning Commission.

Please note that the Planning Commission is looking for “innovation” in the 12th FYP, hence the expectations from you is to propose only the most relevant and innovative schemes/programs. Even single innovative scheme recommended by you will suffice, but please prioritize and limit your recommendations, to a maximum of five.

As Chairperson, I will be consolidating all the responses and will be happy share a copy of the finalized draft recommendations for your information and records.  Kindly formulate your recommendation/s in the format provided in Annex 1 on or before 30th August 2011.

We will exchange our thoughts using Google group. Please feel free to contact me or Dr Girish Tillu (, 09850026597) if you need any more information or assistance.

Please acknowledge and let me know your acceptance so that I can forward some data, which would be helpful for this activity. Your contribution in this exercise would benefit AYUSH sector and the nation.

Yours truly

Professor Bhushan Patwardhan
Vice Chancellor
Symbiosis International University
Lavale, Pune - 412115
Tel: +91-020-39116201

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